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Monday, April 17, 2006

Rhino Rodeo

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More pressing matters (my job) have interfered this week and so I am sad to inform you I won't be able to offer my usual bang up, fun filled, compelling carnival. Instead, you’ll just have to make do with this short and concise list of links to all who haven't fully swallowed the party's kool-aid.

First off, My good buddy Tyler Durden has some thoughts on Julie Roberts.
Julia Roberts wanting credit for bringing her own fancy cup to Starbucks is like a rapist wanting credit because he put in a mix tape.

You have positively, absolutely, 100% have to love a story like this.

Is there a war on Christians? Who knows, but judging from Comedy Central's reaction to Mohammed, there most certainly isn't any sort of popular media animosity to the nation's sworn enemies. Tyler has also offered to share with us a great roundup of Mohammed’s apperances on Comedy Central.  Of course, as I asked the other day, if its forbidden to publish (or even recreate) the image of Mohammad, then how the heck do these idiots know what he looks like in the first place?

How do we know he doesn't look like this?

Regardless, i am sure he would love to sit back with a glass of this as he watches us continue to kick his ass.

And then, there was Jessica

As poor of a job as Bush has been doing running the economy as of late (and don't think gas can't hit $4 a gallon by election day), modern democrats still seem intent on throwing away an election that is theirs to lose. For one, pro Iran is simply not a good position. Ever.

See Fruit Fly!!!

Of course, there are other problems with liberals. Mostly they revovle around getting facts straight, hyperbole, and their inability to find their ass with both hands on an ass map.

Tax day is another problem with liberals. They were due today, and their not the only way the government steals your money. Turns out, they are more than willing to offer your returns up for sale as well.

Tax Day is also BAG Day, an annual event in the blogsphere wherein honest citizens dedicate a portion of the stolen money they've manged to recover from the government to the purchase of a firearm in order to keep that corrupt beast (the government) in check. Here's a list of this years purchases so far. I haven't actually gotten my cash back yet, so I am still deliberating on what my purchase should be, though I suspect it will be of the EBR Homeland Security variant.

Just another reason to hate DC. Of course, I can give you a couple too.

Lots of people have also posted about Greenpeace Founder Patrick Moore and Climate Change. Here's an official RINO link. I try not to blog about work, but in the interest of full disclosure, I have worked fairly closely with Dr. Moore on a number of issues over the last 3 or 4 years. This op-ed doesn't surprise me in the least. We don't agree on everything (or even a lot) but I have found him to be one of the most reasonable environmentalist I've ever met.

Brown v Board of Ed, revisited.

This makes no sense to me. Either he was indicted or he wasn't. If the prosecutor wasn't a member of the bar, then he couldn't indict him, and he should be able to be a second time. If he was a member of the bar, then there is no need to toss the indictment out.

Barry Bonds, true to life crook and cheat and bastard, but can his Doctor testify against him?

Finally, Dean Esmay is looking at racists.

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