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Monday, January 08, 2007

Go SEC, Go Florida

Looks like the nation just witnessed a good 'ol SEC ass kicking.

Of course, there were lots more winners and losers in this affair than just the Gators and the Buckeyes.

Here's my list

The Winners

Florida, obviously.

Urban Myer, what a way to start off, of course its all downhill from here.

Boise State, as much as I love SEC football (and, admittidly hate the Florida Gators), as the only undefeated team in Football Boise State has a heck of a good claim on the national championship.

Ron Zook, lets face it, Myer may have made the difference here the last few years but this is largely a team Ron Zook put together.

Steve Spurrier, yeah, Ron Zook may have put it together, but the Seniors came to play for Spurrier.

The SEC, throughout the season and for the last few years, certain high profile so called college football experts have refused to accept the notion that the SEC season is the most brutal in college and the SEC produces year in and year out the finest football teams in college. Heck, at any time during the season, up to half the top 15 seems to be made up of SEC teams. As they commented on the Sirius Satellite Radio broadcast of the Gator Nation - this game was icing on the cake ... Chris Leak's legacy was actually set by winning the SEC Championship.

America, Between this and the Boise State win, will we finally get a playoff? I'd wager that as brutal a season the SEC goes through, if you took the top 16 and let them play through, the final four teams most years would largely be composed of SEC members.


Ohio State

NCAA and the BCS

Stewart Mandel, will CNNSI finally get rid of this fool, never has a college football writer known so little and allowed his prexising, narrow biases to overwhelm every angle and aspect of his coverage. Mandel's inability to understand 1) the need for a national playoff (heck, he wouldn't even admit after Boise States victory last week that they might have a legitimate claim on a national title) and 2) the stand alone importance of the SEC as its own division and overwhelming dominance, difficulty, and depth of the average SEC team and its schedule week in and week out. Fire him already.


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